Monday, October 5, 2009

Love letter #1

" This could well be one of the love letters we talked about. It is going to be fractionally small, as then you would have to squint and hold it close to you. Closer to your heart, closer to your mind. I am about to wake you up in a few minutes time so that I can show what I am packing in, in a small package to you - the Quran (and its translation and commentaries), a pen, a pencil and a journal. I am not doing quite well in term of writing love letters, am I? Suffice to say perhaps, I fell asleep last night thinking of you, and woke up this morning wanting to call you. Therefore, it would be so much easier if only we went to bed together last night, then I would not have to start punching numbers or using the mouse - I would simply kiss you on your forehead, play with your hair, and whisper good morning gently in your ear. One day, not long from now.

Love you always,
Mr X



hopeful flower said...

oooo i cant wait to see more of the love letters- this one has already had me smiling!

Cikitita said...

abih la kene maroh kalu dia tau surat chenta sudah kene upload! haha! tapi sweet kan? kan kan? ;p

Shalisa Alias a.k.a pink-perang-brown said...

sweet nye.. doh abih2 sweet awok. heheh..

semoga berkekalan kemanisan sehingga akhir hayat. aminnn ;)

Cikitita said...

pinky - amin! ;D