Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Asam pedas, one brilliant movie and best of friends. Just how I like it best.

Unlike most people who blog, I often spend hours in front of my lappy to finish up an entry. I love writing and all but I find it hard to concentrate and words never seemed to be on my side or flow like the river when their inside my head. To translate what's inside my mind into words is like asking little boys to sit and do geometry. They'll love the mechanical aspect but will take hours to merely do a circle by staying still. Errr is that even a decent comparison? See what I mean?

Anyways, I've just lost a whole stack of DVDs that I got from last year *haiyak there goes my collection* so a friend had to buy a brand new VCD of Sex and the City for our movie-watching last night. That movie never fails to move me and I was in fact an avid watcher of their series a couple of years ago. I know some people think it's lame but I personally think the scripts were brilliant, the characters were distinctive and fun, and the storyline was simple but awesome as it was mainly about men and relationships but it just gets to me every single time, know what I mean? Oh and not forgetting thanks much to another friend for that mean asam pedas ikan parang. Gosh I am salivating as I am writing this so dear friend can we have another feast of asam pedas soon please? He he.

Oh did I tell you people that I simply love My sassy girl? Not the American remake but the original Korean version that had me laughing and crying at the same time!

I think I've read somewhere that it was the first Korean film that won an international award back in 2002 perhaps? What got to me the most was the fact that it was a true story so being a romantic at heart *bluwekk* it made me believe that there is still good (men) in the world though they might be scarce he he. It was about pure love and fate and just that. I love simple storyline but one that manages to give your heart a tug, know what I mean? For those who have never seen the film I urge you to and for those who are interested in the plot you may just want to check this out. Shall we have this on our next DVD watching session girls?

I am currently down with a slight fever and am on MC since 11 am this morning. Had my steroid dosage after brunch so things are looking a bit more promising though my nose is still running. Apart from that, life is swell and I have much to be thankful for.

Good night everyone, may we have a better week ahead. Adios!


CM said...

I like the movie too - one of the best!
Hope you get well soon,
take care yeah.

Cikitita said...

yep mine too! thanks, i'm doing great. u take care as well.

hopeful flower said...

alo there,

i love SATC too!!! owh i wish i could watch the series from the season 1!!