Monday, October 26, 2009

The weekend that was and October babies

First thing I did when I woke up last Sunday morning was to look up fesyen pengantin berbadan gempal. Did not get much info so I googled fesyen pengantin berisi instead. Told SS about it while having brunch later on which made her laughed her heart out. Errr what's so funny about that??
Anyway, all that came out were a bunch of baju kurung moden and gowns with flowing skirts below the bust. I think I'll opt for a simple baju kurung moden for all 3 ceremonies. Hey, less is more isn't it? ;)

My fiancee (ohh did I told you people that I got engaged?) got tired of me complaining a whole lot about my body so he asked me to list down 10 things I loathe about me and to read them out loud.

1. Gemoks - back to old figure of 54kg. Yikes!
2. Rabun - anyone has RM 8k to give out to charity? I look like a geek in glasses so I am in serious need of LASIK!
3. Botak - yep my hairline is receding tsk tsk!
4. Jongang - my teeth are 8mm overjet which has been confirmed by none other than a dental specialist merangkap bakal kakak ipar saya. Imagine your teeth being inspected by your future SIL only to find out that not only you need braces but drilling too for the holes on two of your molars. Talking about giving a good impression on your first meeting. Hmmm...
5. Ass the size of Africa - need explanation NOT!
6. Peha besar drumstick
7. Jari kaki yang pelik - sbb yg #2 lagi panjang dr yg lain so macam terkeluar gitu
8. Boroi
9. Pekak
10. ...

Can't remember the last one but I think I actually ended up with 11 instead of 10.
And you know what he said? "Ok sayang perfect 10! I take them all!"

;) ;) ;)

Anyway, earlier this morning while I was carrying my lunch box to the office which consists of a can of chicken soup, a ceramic bowl, a spoon and 2 apples; the paper bag decided to fail on me by ripping at the bottom. Had a little run of my life to catch those apples muehehe. I am a clumsy mumsy person yes I am but dear fiancee calls me cute instead! He he.

On a different note, I'd like to wish a very happy birthday to me yes ME! and a bunch of good friends who were born on this special month of October and have no idea about the existence of this blog he he.

To SS - Happy 28th birthday! Crossing my fingers for things to work out the way you want them to. Do take things one step at a time and prioritize your list. I know you can do it! Thank you for being such a good friend all these years and you know I'll always be here for you though we'll be thousands of miles apart! Stay ambitious, chic and positive!

To LP - Happy 27th Birthday! Stay happy and chirpy! Wishing for all good things to come your way. Wishing you all the best in your career and your new built up company. I know you'll make us proud! And thank you for being such a wonderful companion through out the whole duration. You've been awesome!

To PM - Happy 26th Birthday! Stay funny and sober! Let's hope Hotel Amalia's incident won't occur no more this time! Ha ha. That was good fun though. Wishing you too, all the best in terms of career and personal growth. I love the fact that you're so spontaneous and were able to crack jokes at almost anything! Just stay you!

To CM - Happy 31st birthday! Though not an October baby, I feel like it would be unjust to leave you out from the list. Stay Mr Nice Guy, ethical, honest, and all there is that made you YOU! You've been an inspiration and have taught me much about love and life. As always, I wish you all the best life has got to offer.

Have a nice week everyone!


meshi said...

happy birthday ila!
when is the big day? jeng jeng jengggg
p/s : mana ade tembam sgt ko ni weh. ko kan kitorg nye chipmunk! hehehe.

Cikitita said...

meshiiiiiii thanksssss windu sama hang!big day should be some time next year dear nanti kan card ok hehe.

p/s: chipmunk boroi la meshi. satu lagi chipmunk jugak pemalas suka mandi dalam dish washer. if only i can fit in a dishwasher then i'll take my daily bath in there too. huhu apa aku mengarut nie.

Shalisa Alias a.k.a pink-perang-brown said...

awok, eventho dah nak end of Oct, saya wish awok HAPPY BIRTHDAY gop. kali ni official skek sbb dlm blog. hehehehe..

owohs, nyaknye laa duk kejo ge epa tu. epa ija ke merohs??

bakpe la FIANCEE awk tu sweet ngak. huhuhu. kemsalam kat dia ek.

Cikitita said...

tq awok. awok katam blog sy ye hehe. btw epal ija hok gollek tuh muehehe. iye dia mmg sweet muet! ;D

Anonymous said...

ni Ila mana ni?

Ko ker yg 10 diatas tuh? sejak bila?