Monday, February 23, 2009

The Rate Race

I am not the type who is able to sit still. Put me in a routine for a month, and I'll fidget like crazy!

This 9-5 thingy is not working for me. I long to be outside, I long for the flexibility, I long for the ability to work at my own pace, whenever I want, wherever I want!

I love (cute & intelligent) kids, and I love being around them. I love the idea of painting their lives with positive values. And I love the idea of having a positive impact on a child. I, however, do not think I have the patience for those with learning disabilities nor those hyperactive-throwing-tantrum kids! (me being very honest here!)

I wish to have a book published. I wish to be able to write. I wish to have that story-teller ability, to have that flair for writing, to put a smile on people's faces, to have an impression to my readers. Big dream bohoooo!

I am still looking for that dream job. The job which allows me to wake up with a smile in the morning, to have the exuberance of getting to the work place, the one with the fulfilled and accomplished feelings at the end of the day.

I anticipate for the day when I'll finally figure it out.

Ideas anyone?


Gya said...

"I am not the type who is able to sit still." seratus peratus betul. dah tak terlayan aku ekekekek :p

Ton said...

I like your writing seriously.

Why don't you try publishing a book. It's going to involve a lot of hard work though, but it would be okay if you really like doing it.

PS. Ila doesn't like sitting still - she prefers lying still :)

pink-perang-brown said...

buat biography pasal awk. hehe.. ok apa

Cikitita said...

Sape soh layan? Bluwekkk!

You're so sweet! You'd be the first on the queue during the launching right? ;D

Terlampau banyok drama lah, letih oghang nok bace! ;p

Anonymous said...

Ila, I have been following this blog by not even knowing you as the owner. Beautiful flair of writing. Perfect grammer and vocabulary. U could draft one i.e. thoughts, opinion of being in multicultural environment. Stephen Clarke collection should be a good sample for you. You also have so-called good imagination to attract people in your writing. Jes see, am jes anyone, stop at your blog and admiring the writing. After a while then i know, Engkau Ila, rupanyerrr...ahaahhah

Cikitita said...

hi nad, terkezut den, whats up with u nowadays? alaaa tulis suka2 je whenever i feel like it! thanks for the suggestion, ingat nak carik gak buku tuh, u keep on writing as well ok?