Friday, February 20, 2009

Mummy's Words of Wisdom

We fought over some silly matter - well, silly to her, at least.

I needed her consent over this silly mission,  and she flatly turned me down.

I got upset, and said some things which shouldn't have been said in the first place. 

She sent me a text message which left me rather dumbstruck, and rather embarrassed that I had to play truce. (Darn, why must she be so damn smart?)

What she said was...  

"Let me tell you what you have. You're intelligent, beautiful, healthy, surrounded by people who love you, a good job...kene bersyukur dengan apa yang ada dan selalu berdoa"

Thank you mummy for these wise words. I'll just post it here as a reminder to myself. 

I love you.


You-Know-Who said...

Your mum is impressive (as always).
I can easily see where you got your brain from :)

Cikitita said...

yepp she is indeed a wise, wise lady

pink-perang-brown said...

it's because, mother knows best awok. jgn lupa, doa seorang ibu adalah doa yang makbul ;)