Sunday, March 15, 2009


I kinda miss you today so here I am writing you a smoochy love note to get the feeling off my chest. I was looking through your profile and that picture of you standing in front of the huge Alcatraz reminded me of the good times we had merely some time ago. That had me smiling for a while looking at your once spunky short hair that I oh loved so dearly. I remember how close we were and how much I like being around you and you around me.

I remember how cool it was when you came over night after night to have dinner with my family. That made me fell even more for you and I remember thinking oh what a cool guy you were with such cool attitude. I remember how cute you were trying to convince my mom that I was a good cook and how my mom went ha ha thinking this guy must have been crazy to have said that about my daughter. Ohh how he must have been head over heels with her he he. And I remember how you went crazy every single night taking care of the dishes and my mom would go whispering to me on how long it took you to finish the chores. And I told my mom yeah he is like that mother he does everything in detail and he does everything good.

My mom and dad loved you dearly and I remember them saying how cool it would be if only you were a Muslim. Being a good person that you were they were pretty much sure that you would be one of those granted Heaven by Allah during the After Life. You might go ha ha when you read this dear but then again I am just sharing with you their inner thoughts. Not that it matter that you were not a Muslim but then again I guess things would have been different if you were one. I remember her saying what a gentleman you were and how you have got everything figured out since you seemed to have the solution to everything. But no you did not have a solution for us. Well can't blame you as I did not have a solution for us either.

I think you know how I am pretty much disappointed with how things finally turned out. I guess me being me I was hoping for some sort of miracle where you would leave everything just to be with me just like in the movies y'know? But life ain't no movie so here we are trying to sort all this mess that we had created ourselves. But don't worry baby I know this is killing you as much as it is killing me for things to have turned out this way. I know it kills you to not being able to be the person that I want you to be and for breaking my heart but then again darling you have got your own life, hopes and dreams and I can totally understand that really, even when I go ballistic over you from time to time.

Sometimes it made me wonder if your life experience has got anything to do with all of this. I never brought this up darling because I was afraid it would upset you but then again the question has been going over and over my head for the trillionth time. Do not ever think that you will turn out to be bad because I can bet you my life you will not because you are too good of a man.

I know I have said this before but I will say it again. I am glad our path crossed and I am honored to be given a chance to know someone as special as you are. People say you might be one person to the world but you might be the world to one person, well that person is me. You will always have a special place in my heart and I am sure I will be too in yours.

I wish you well and I wish that this life becomes all you ever wanted. I wish for us to be friends forever. I wish for all the happiness in the world because you deserve it baby.


pink-perang-brown said...

waa, so sweet..

hm, tapi sedihnye awok. nk nangis rasa. tgk di luar awk ceria je, tapi dlm hati tak siapa tahu kan..

dakpe awok, ada hikmahnya. things happen for a reason.

Anonymous said...

So sweet Sayang, I feel like crying now. Look at how different we are, you manage to write several pages with ease, but I'm totally lost with words :).

Having said that, I do cherish all those memories as much as you do, and, like you know it, you will always have a special place in my heart.

Please take care, I'll talk to you soon.

PS. your writing is the best!

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