Thursday, March 19, 2009

They say life is not the amount of breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away

You showed me the little teddy and that almost got me into a fit. I didn't recognize it at first - not because I wasn't paying attention but because I didn't expect it to still be there. It never crossed my mind that you'd keep it this long and brought it with you across the Indian ocean. It still looks the same only that it doesn't have the tiny chocolate pouch on its tummy anymore coz you ate them all. Instead, it was holding some sort of flower that you got from an old lady who was selling it for charity. You were laughing when you told me about it probably because you think it's just plain silly. But I never thought about it that way - I know you didn't feel like buying but you just couldn't resist helping an old lady on the street could ya? That made my heart blossomed and I pray to God that you'd stay this way forever.

So I grabbed my little bull and shoved it to you. I wanted you to know that I too, still have it close to me. Sometimes I sleep with it in my arms. And when you asked me his name I broke down and cry.

I didn't mean too.

I'm sorry.

You showed me around and told me that you've gotten yourself a silky blanket and it made me wonder if the material makes you cold but you said no. Good, that ought to keep you warm at night. And you showed me the portable air-conditioner that keeps you cool during summer. I saw your so-called wardrobe where you've gotten all your clothes nicely hung. It doesn't look like you shop much. Or probably you have others stacked nicely somewhere in the room. Always a neat you are, I know.

It was funny seeing you putting that helmet on. It felt like nothing had changed. It felt like the good old days where we used to laze around and make good fun of each other, where you told me about your days and I told you about mine. Take good care on the road will ya? Promise I won't tell your mom.

I'm glad you got all your money back. I hope the market will do you good this year and the upcoming year as well. It was good hearing you laughed when I told you that I lost my only potential client due to procrastination. And that I still keep everything in a bond simply coz I'm a chicken. He he.

It was a very nice chat indeed but I was on the verge of breaking down again so I said so long. Good bye. Till next time. Adios.

p/s: I'm ok and will be ok. You take care ok best buddie?

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