Monday, March 16, 2009

More love notes

I think I shall turn this blog into our virtual love nest where I can spill everything that is in my head. This is kinda crazy you know because it kinda look like I am living my life in the past but then again I am pretty much happy with the past and if the past keeps me happy then so be it aye?

I remember seeing you the first time in that small room with the rest of the crowd and sorry to say baby you were off no significance to me. You were just another bloke nothing better than the rest. I never really took notice in you until a few weeks later when I saw you looking all nice in your S size maroon t-shirt and your grey corduroy, very stylish and strong with your spiky hair and that noticeable biceps on your arms. And I said to myself, Geez, what a lost. The guy must be gay.

From time to time I would let out small giggles when I think of how everything fell into places between us as we are off different world that it was almost crazy that we actually hanged out. But hey they say opposites attract so probably that was what happened back then aye? If I am not mistaken I remember you telling me once that you fell for me for my bubbly-ness and my contagious laughter perhaps? And I fell for you for your big heart and principles. I have never met someone quite like you before.

It took us sometime to hit it off owing to the fact that we see each other every single day. I remember how you would wait up for me so we could walk together everywhere. I remember how jealous you were of AD especially because you think he liked me. Ohh remember that
exact moment when MA came over and massaged you on your back? That got us both spooked! He he.

I am smiling right this very moment reminiscing all those precious moments spent with you. You made it all more colorful and worthwhile, such wonderful memories that left me with this sense of exhilaration whenever I am reminded of them. I am so glad that you were part of it all for it would not have been what it was were you not around. Such wonderful time it was, indeed.

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