Monday, June 21, 2010

Puan Seri

Somebody pointed out today that I am a Puan Seri.

In what way may you ask?

We were in the middle of a conversation with some acquaintances. Hubby was telling how happy he was that he managed to sell our second car at a reasonably good price.

Then the acquaintance asked,

"Kereta lagi satu?"

I told him no, we are keeping that one.

And he said,

"Yang tu mana boleh jual, tu kan kereta Pn Seri. Hahahaha..."

I know some people around here have the impression that hubby bought that car for me. And when I say people, I meant the Malays. It is rather luxurious for their standard, so they made assumption that I 'requested' for it, for my personal use after we got married.

Truth is hubby's had it with him for several years already. The only reason that people hasn't been noticing is because he prefers to drive the other car, an old 2-seater because it has an open roof top - he likes having the wind in his face. After we got married, he obviously continues to drive that car simply coz he loves it and the fact that as a husband, he wanted me to have the better ride - no rocket science there. So when people see me driving a more luxurious car, they made assumptions that I am a queen who wanted nothing less than a German ride.

Sometimes it boggles me, don't they have enough on their shoulders? Between managing families and pursuing their PhDs, they still have time to jaga tepi kain orang.


Radhi Dahlan said...

mana2 sama jer malay nie ek Ila... suka hati la nak jual ke apa kan...
takperlah... take it positive way je la... "ada jugak orang ambik berat" hahhaha

tapi... amik la gambau kete tu. nak tgk. heheh (sama jer ngan org PHD tu)

Cikitita said...

sama je k radhi, keje nak mengata org je :(
btw, kete buruk je la hehe.

inahornaw said...

semua tempat kita akan jumpa org yg suka jaga tepi kain org...
mcm saya ni...duk kat bukit besi...saya pindah rumah pun still ada org menyibuk hal saya...padahal saya tak ambil pot pun hal org lain...jd apa yg kita boleh buat?bak kata org mulut tempayan tak boleh ditutup....ignore je la fadzilah...

Cikitita said...

tu la. kite tak amik pot pon hal diorg. takde life kot diorg nie, so jaga tepi kain org must be their favorite pastime!