Monday, June 7, 2010

Now I can put on my smiley face

My last post was on the 3rd of March. I thought of writing from time to time but nothing came to mind. So today while going through the blog I thought hey, why not publish some unfinished post just for the sake of it? So I did.

While browsing through the list, I came across a particular entry that I wrote prior to the wedding. A 'cold feet' entry. All brides get this, I know I did based on what I wrote that day. But boy, am I glad that I married him ;)

Ok enough mushiness.

And enough of whining too.

So for a change, I would like to share with you a few good news. Firstly, I am glad to announce that I have gotten the work visa which is up to the 18th of November. A short duration, but enough to get the residency application done, or so I hope. I have completed the expression of interest, lost 50 marks due to MMU not being recognized by the NZ government, hence eliminated me from the 'auto-approved' group. I refuse to get it assessed by NZQA as I see no point in giving away 750 NZD for recognition purposes so people, do pray for me!

I do have two other good news to share, but both are on initial stage so I thought I'd give it a pass, at least for now. Will definitely share it with you guys once all is confirmed. Good things are definitely coming my way, and I thank Allah and my lucky star (read: darling hubby) for giving me hope when all seems dark and gloomy.

Did I told you guys that I am loving the weather? It has been raining cats and dogs for the past two weeks but I doesn't bother me, really. Auckland has mild temperature, no winter, and half of the time it feels like summer. I know things will only get better, and no matter how bad it gets I know it is a lot better than other places. You'd say that too if you've experienced the hot, humid weather in Malaysia and the crazy four-season-in-a-day in the UK. The weather reminds me of Madrid too, gosh how I miss those carefree days!


inahornaw said...

so are you coming back to malaysia after the year is up?or are you staying in nz for good?

inahornaw said...

so are you coming back to malaysia after the year is up?or are you staying in nz for good?

Cikitita said...

haven't decided. might stay longer but definitely not for good!