Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Good friends are hard to come by

Friends are those precious angels who stick by you through thick and thin. They lift you up when you are feeling low. They laugh at your silliness but never ridicule you. They listen to your insecurities and thoughts but never judge you. Acquaintances are abundance, but friends? They are hard to come by.

Yesterday I met someone with a quality of a friend. She's married too, and oh - jobless like me! So that's one thing in common. Ha ha. She is a qualified industrial designer but fails to secure any job due the niche market and her unwillingness to resort to generic art simply due to her passion in what she does.

There was one particular gesture yesterday that made me feel an immediate connection with her. We were talking about traveling and she mentioned how different things are after marriage as she has to consult her husband first. "You know how it is Cikitita, we have responsibilities now..." while rolling her eyes. Ha ha!

Some of you might get the wrong idea and think she is being disrespectful. But if any of you were there yesterday, you would have realized what a nice and cultured person she really is. To me, what she said signifies individuality, and determination of being her own person despite being married to a man. For those who have crossed the marriage-dom, you'd know what I mean. It is easy to lose yourself as you strive to be the perfect wife, especially in our culture.

I loathe ladies who are so clingy to their men. I loathe ladies who stop seeing their friends just to make herself available to her men 24x7. I loathe those who are full of jealousy. I know a person who did not let her husband do manicure because she was uncomfortable with the idea of another woman touching him (read: his fingers).

K I L L M E N O W .

On another note, I was out with another person today. It is sometimes difficult to understand someone and it is hard to categorize them as a friend or an acquitance. I know there are possibilities of her 'using' me, but I am giving her the benefit of the doubt, at least for another month. I shall not blog about it as I do not intend to ruin the positivity that I am having right now.

Till then, signing off with love.


Radhi Dahlan said...

ok ker kat sana?
Lama tak berkontek.

Yup, i agree with wat you have written.

Kita tgk orang biarlah reserve sikit perception kita. so kalo tersilap tk lah terasa sgt.

K radhi percaya sangat dat friendship shud always be plain and sincere.

Cikitita said...

k radhiiiii,

kan best kalau seme org pikir mcm tu. berkawan dgn ikhlas tanpa agenda ;)