Thursday, July 1, 2010

The waiting game

The waiting game is daunting but at times, can be good for the soul. It gives me hope and keeps me going, though I must admit that at times, it drives me crazy too.

But what is life without hope and uncertainties?

Lots of stuff have been going on lately. I have a lot at hand at the moment and it's only a matter of time before I get them realized, Insyallah.

Yesterday was kind of an important day for me. I was supposed to meet both Dr G and Dr K last week on the 24th, but failed to turn up coz I got the days mixed up. I guess that's what happened when you're unemployed, you lose track of time, or days. Boo hoo. Nevertheless, they were both very kind, as all Kiwis are, and scheduled another meeting yesterday at Symonds's instead of at Epsom's. It somehow felt like an interview, a rather bad one. Ha ha. Some of my answers were too short, while some were rather winding. I did not know why I was nervous. Anyway, both of them are supposed to provide me with some answers before the end of this week. I am not quite worried as I think I've pretty much nailed Massey if I fail to get this one.

On another note, I am looking forward with the second round of interview with M*** sometime next month. It's pretty hard to get an interview with a foreign name and I am crossing my fingers for more opportunities to come. I know many are in deeper trouble than I am when it comes to career and moolah, so there are lots to be thankful for even in this situation. I should probably do some certifications while time permits as this might improve my chances for landing a good job.

I have rather good news with regards to my medical condition. My iron level has gone up to its normal range based on my blood test two days ago. My hemoglobin however, is still low despite the improvement in my iron level . That explains my fatigue and forgetfulness. The doctor has prescribed me with more iron tablet and I do hope with God's will that by October, all will be back to normal.

I am looking forward for a weekend getaway with FRW and A's family. 2nd July 2010 will mark our 6 months anniversary and we are celebrating it in Matakana, a small winery town north of Auckland with a few good friends, just how we like it. I was surprised to know that hubby planned the getaway in commemoration of our anniversary as I have only recently remember. He can be quite a romantic at times ;)

I am officially 6 months old wifey tomorrow, how time flies!


Radhi Dahlan said...

Ila, gud luck for the interview.

Congratulations for yr 6 months annivesary too!

Anonymous said...

Hey, how glad to see you write again :) Good luck with the interview. I hope your medical condition get better soon too.

Wish you lots of happiness - take good care ;)

Cikitita said...

k. rad - the interview never happened :(
but thanks for the wish ;)

Cikitita said...

hello there!

like i said, the interview never happened. damn them kiwi. I did another medical test last week, lets hope for an even better result this time ;)

I am happy apart from job seeking which left me feeling dumb and hollow. I hope it's temporary. wishing you well too and take care.