Monday, February 7, 2011

Fomfuan pemalas takde arah tuju hidup

Ok so that pretty much sums up what I am feeling right now.

I postponed my exam because apparently 4 days of studying is not enough. So the new date is this coming Friday. Boleh pass ke nie? Cuakkk.

Tgh meroyan sebab tak ske tak ske study IT.

Did I told you guys how much I despises IT subjects?

Did I told you guys the only reason I stayed in the course was because I got scholarships for both my bachelor and masters studies? And also because I love my mates at MMU.

No one should stay or enroll in a course that they loath coz they'll end up like me.

Yes, just like me.

So what do I do now?

Sums up the courage to do what I want to do. Forget about the money coz the money will come when you love doing what you do.

Life is not worth living like this.

Benci CCNA to the max.

I can never be good at this :(

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