Monday, February 1, 2010


My brain's kinda dead by now. Life has been on halt work wise, for the last 45 days. Funny that when you're working you're dying to be on leave, but when you're on leave it's the other way round. I guess we shall never be satisfied with what we have.

It's probably a little tiny weeny late for a new year resolution. Not that I've been following any for the last 28 years. Bohoooo. Though it does feel good to write them down coz it gives me some ideas on what I want to do coz I usually forget. Better than sitting like a lazy bum for the rest of the year aye? Also, it's good to be sharing them with you guys coz it'll made me turn red if I don't ever get them all done. So be sure to ask me by end of this year. Muehehe.

1. Learn spanish
2. Learn how to read notes and play keyboard
3. Start a Permanent head Damage.
4. A good scholarship.
5. A part-time job
6. Brush up on swimming and play more sports
7. Lose 6kg for good
8. Cut down on sugar, carb and fat. Eat more greens & 5 servings of fruits per day
9. Drink lotsa water
10. Read, listen and watch more

I have a good feeling that I won't get any of it done but what the heck.

On another note, I am still at odds with other Malays in North Shore. I can't seem to find a common ground on how to connect. Half of the ladies are doing their PhD while the other half are stay-at-home-moms. I met one family from my hometown with 4 adorable kids ranging from 2 to 11 years old. I taught them how to swim once and now the mother is thinking of sending them to me on weekly basis. Not that I mind. In fact, I think I would really enjoy their company. Yesterday we played basketball while the other moms were chit-chatting. I wonder what the other moms think of me. Hmmm. Why can't I find people like you girls here???

People have been asking me whether I like this new place called home. You know it's a difficult question for a fickle minded person like me coz the answer varies from time to time. One time I feel bored to death, another time it feels like Nirvana. From time to time it does occur to me that the ETs really do exist and they're doing an excellent job here - abducting people, that is. Sometimes I strain my ears real hard to listen to people's voices but nope, I only get the sound of the wind and on my lucky days, a meowww. A really faint meow from Salwa. Go figure for a country with 4 million people but 40 million sheep.

Life is pretty much a holiday around here. People seem to take their hobbies a tad too serious but it's good coz they've got cool ones like cycling and surfing and yatch-ing and other water sports that I don't even know their names nor existence before I came down here. They even do cycling on one wheel, like wth??? It's the kinda place where you just pat you friend on the back and say "Hey dude, wanna go ride some waves?" when you don't know what else to do. The other day we went to Piha to watch the World Junior Surf Championship. And on another day we went boogie boarding at Omaha after strolling at Matakana which is also known as the slow-food town simply coz they're against the fast food industry. All within 45 minutes from home. 5 minutes and uphill, you can go see some horses and feed them carrots if you feel like it. Believe it or not.

Signing off for now.

With love.


Radhi Dahlan said...

Ila... 6 kg for gud? Hehehhhe... Chaiyok!

Cikitita said...

that's the hardest..hehe