Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The aftermath

2 hari lepas kawen saya mimpi melawat taman monyet bersama hubby dan makan yong tau foo berharga RM120 segelas. You read that right. The yong tau foo was half full (note how I use half full rather than half empty after marriage.muehehe. Am I making any sense? whateverrrr). It was also presented to us in a glass rather than a bowl, in water rather than soup. Hubby took a look at the price tag, refused politely and paid RM10 as compensation to the hawker for declining the meal. Betapa mulianya suami saya walaupon dalam mimpi. Apekah? Sayang, was that supposed to be our honeymoon? At taman monyet? Why oh why????

As spooky as it may sound, I dreamt of monyet again last night. This time in the form of Avatar. We were watching the trailer for Avatar before we went to bed, hubby thought it was cool and suggested that we go watch it in 3D today. As much as I want to give it a pass, being a good wifey that I am *ahem* I agreed so we'll be having our first movie as man and wife at 5.50pm today at Hoyt Silvia Park. That made me dreamt of a pitch black menace monkey for the whole night. Lucky he was cute though and behaved well towards the end. I can still see his face staring at me even now. Duh.

Okay let's wrap up the monkey business for now.

Marriage has been bliss so far. We are taking things easy so the transition has been quite smooth. Being an amateur cook, I went to bed late the first night that we arrived in Auckland to prepare the spices for nasi lemak and got up earlier than usual to cook our first breakfast here. Poor hubby got up 3 times that night looking for me as he felt bad for leaving me in the kitchen all alone though I insisted that he should be in bed due the long journey that we had earlier that day. Lucky he loved my dish and couldn't thank me enough, so he brought me to this cool German bar at Mission Bay which serves really scrumptious dishes for dinner. We had masak lemak mussels, tomato soup and chips and waddaya know, it was indeed the best mussels and tomato soup I've ever tasted my whole life! Like seriously! The mussels were huge, at least 4 times the size of mussels in Malaysia, fresh, sweet and chunky, the tomato soup was cooked together with cream and cheese and the taste just kinda explode in your mouth. The coolest really! After the slow walk by the beach, darling hubby took me to Parnel to have a taste at the Chocolate Boutique, a small but packed cafe which serves killer chocolate deserts of all kinds. All this for the small effort of nasi lemak? Cool aye? Maybe that's what people say that when you give, you get back so much more.

Signing off for now. Have so much to share but till then, adios!


ennieLee said...

Gal!!!! I'm so so jealous with u, dear...
It's a perfect life that u ever dreamt :)
Kim Salam kat azhar ;)
Rindu kat awak, muaxs muaxs!!!

Shalisa Alias a.k.a pink-perang-brown said...

teringat sangat ke monyet tu, mimpi 2 kali paa. kene ajok gi zoo pulok aa lepah nie. byk skek mimpi binatang laing. dolphin ke, beh gop. baru monkey tu ilang kut. haha.

behnye awok jenjalan tepi pantai. saya dok dang agi jenjalan awok, paa ke lening. doh ari2 kije duk masokk sokmo. wiken pung masok eteks. lepah balik kije masok aje sapa member tu sakit2 pale. sianngg ke yer. huhuhu. dok aa, dia sakit pale sbb dok cukup tido. gi spital jupe specialist pa. bimbang ngak kut ade mende2. lah2 dokter wi pil suh rilek. stress byk ngak mikir kut. nyaknye nnguh. huwaa.. tido je lening. esok pagi baru bangun. huhuhu.

ok la awok. update la sokmo blog nie deh. pahni mimpi salwa baloh nge kucing ore sebeloh lok. heheh.

kemsalam ke a.azhar ye. miss u guys! :)

farha said...

alamak ade ke mimpi g taman monyet! apepun tumpang happy sbb ko stay dgn yang tersayang... ceewah.. Miss u la!

Cikitita said...

ennie - miss u too!

intan - dakpe awok massok dpt pahala hj & umrah ;p

darah - miss u too and take care of lil one!