Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thank you girlfriends!

Mon - Raya @hometown
Tues - movies with besties. Two words: Jacob = HOT!
Wed - YTM's award and hen's dinner. Yummylicious!
Thurs - Zzzzz
Fri - Natrah the musical. Thanks peep for the free tix! Gorgeous Remy. *drool*
Sat - hen's & movies. Awesome food. Hail Chillis!
Sun - girls day out. Love u girls to bits.
Mon - ??
Tues - teh tarik session
Wed - hen's. Uber cool band, funny + sentimental dedication, cute headgear, yummy dinner + cake. What more can I ask for? ;D
Thurs - back to hometown
Fri - IJ's solemnization. Cried a tiny bit. She didn't see it though. He he. Congrates dearie!
Sat - IJ's reception. Lucky maid-of-honour? Yours truly, thank you very much.
Sun - wed prep
Mon - Zzzzzz
Tues - farewell lunch
Wed - farewell breakfast

Haven't had much rest for the last couple of weeks. Comrade's coming back to town this coming weekend, fiancee's flying home next Tuesday. I don't need happy pills, for I HAVE BECOME THE PILLS! muehehehe.

Apart from the bulging tummy, life has been swell.


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