Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Double celebration for the day!

Alhamdulillah, me and a bunch of others were selected to receive Scholar Excellence Award 2009 from Yayasan Telekom Malaysia. The certificate and gifts were presented by none other than our very own Group CEO Dato' Zam Isa, so hooray for that! Press from various media were also invited to cover the ceremony so it was kinda cool to have both the GCEO and the press together coz it made me feel special and important (poyo). The dude from Harian Metro took my photo and details so I was guessing that he wanted to feature me for the recipient of the Master's degree award but unfortunately I had to leave before he had the chance to do a proper interview as I had training to attend to after lunch. Bummer, else you might see me in tomorrow's edition. Perasan. I am still crossing my fingers for the photo to come out muehehe gile glamour tak aku? 2 kali poyo. Whatever.

I wanted to leave before lunch took place but my tummy was telling me not to so I stayed put and boy, was I glad I did coz lunch was scrumptious! We had meat soup as starters while mains consist of white rice, ikan merah masak lemak cili api, black pepper meat, butter prawn, tofu with soy sauce and chilly asparagus. Left before desert was served, so not only did I miss my favorite portion but also the press conference and teh tarik session with the GCEO which came afterwards. Another bummer.

I guess YTM did not have much to spare as the scholars did not receive any remuneration as we did last time. Few years ago instead of receiving nicely wrapped gifts, we were presented with a simple brown envelope but with RM1k cheque enclosed instead. Cool aye? Furthermore, it was held in Holiday Villa Subang and parents were invited to join the event so it was kinda cool to see how proud they were to see their kids on stage. This time, it was held at Level 50 of Menara TM instead but despite that, all was good and I am greatly thankful for the recognition so again, Alhamdulillah ;)

On another note, met up with SS and SJ at Telawi's for dinner - love the ambience at La Bodega. We did not go for tapas as it was quite pricey for such small portions so each had normal western meal (duh) - cheese burger, roasted and sauteed chicken. There goes my diet but nevertheless thanks SJ for the exquisite meal! Ohh not forgetting SS for coffee and choc cake afterwards, it was awesome! Anyway, haven't met SJ for so long as she was busy with her wedding preparation - hall booking, invitation, house reno and all. Mentang2 la bf belikan duplex condo kat Damansara! I envy you babe! ;p

It has been a good 10 years since I've known them and I am pleased to say that both girls have done me proud. SS is currently working in an internationally recognized oil and gas company while SJ is in the insurance industry. We've been through a lot together and I sincerely hope that this friendship will last a lifetime. I would say lots have changed since the last decade - both have grown into successful, mature adult and I salute you two for becoming the person that you are today! Each is embarking on different challenges and journeys and I wish them the best of luck in all that they do - you two are always in my prayers ;)

Photos to come.

From top to bottom: yummy; yummy; yummy; from YTM, from SS, thanks dearie!


Anonymous said...

muka surat baper weh?

Cikitita said...

the sun pg 3, harian metro pg 25. tapinye group photo je huhu

Radhi Dahlan said...

Congratulations Cikitita...
Should have told me about this.. so that I can belanja you makan....