Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pegi cucuk diri kamu sendiri

Go fuck yourself.

No offense peeps. I wasn't trying to curse or anything but that's exactly what I heard on the idiot box from a show called Orange Roughies (roughies???) on TV 1. Apparently the con-man is a Malaysian who can't speak English and that was what he said to the police officer (pegi cucuk diri kamu sendiri) which later were translated by his translator as go fuck yourself. Te he he.

Apart from the daily tasks as a hot wifey house wife, I've got something to really look forward to this coming Friday.

I'm getting a keyyyyyboarddddd! Yeayyyyyy! A high performance WK-series from Casio with 76 real size touch sensitive backlit keys, exactly the specs that I wanted! Well, even more actually coz I initially only wanted a standard real size 61 key. Thank you sayang!!!! Love yaaaa!!!! Muahx muahx! Sorry I fought with you in the morning. And afternoon ;p

So hubby said he'll get everybody on North Shore to come over Saturday night to hear me play. Ya rite. Bluweekkk. My palms are sweating, my lips are twitching and like what the Brits always say, I just can't bludeh wait! Ngeeeeeee ;D

On another note, I am quite worried about the work permit. Haven't got much time left until my visitor's visa expires on the 10th of April. I've undergone the medical check-up which cost us 470 dollars at Sunnynook medical centre, Sunset drive and Apollo drive last week and the results were all good except for my urine and iron level. The urine was contaminated (had no idea I had to do mid-stream tssk) and apparently I've got iron deficiency therefore, was required to undergo another test just to be sure. The second result wasn't that good either as I was informed that my iron is still extremely low though I had steak the night before. They're setting me up with hubby's GP next Monday for consultation and we'll see how that one goes.

Other than that, there's much to be thankful for. I am beginning to fall in love with this new place called home. The serenity, the calmness, the feel of the different colored sand and the grass underneath my feet. The knowledge that I can be at the beach to ride the waves every single sunny day. To go for quite walks or even a dip in the pool with darling hubby whenever he gets back from work. The knowledge that you're in such proximity to the city, but so far away from the hustle bustle and bad traffic. The fact that you can go do your groceries anytime of the week, even at 2am in the morning in your PJ.

I miss my girls. I miss hanging out and lazing around at Intan's place. I miss lunch and movies with Ennie and Farah, and karaoke too! I miss my sunday brunch with Ai. I miss trying to fit in Sham's very busy schedule. I miss chatting with Ain. I miss K.radhi's company and her mean mushroom and chicken in oyster sauce. I miss the sporadic emails and lunches with Adek and Epit. I miss sharing my secrets, thought, insecurities, hopes and dreams with darling Ijah and mek yue. And lately, I've been missing my Erasmus comrades too. Ton, Paras, Lis, Preston and Jun. I wish you all well and I wish you all find whatever it is you're looking for in life.

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farha said...

i miss u too...we miss u too beb! take a gud care ;p