Wednesday, February 13, 2008

She's Heading Home...

The so-called-friend is flying back to Germany for good this weekend. She broke the news 30 minutes ago and surprisingly I felt saddened by it.

Shouldn't I be jumping with joy?

I guess saying goodbye is always hard for me regardless of how good or bad the relationship is.

Everyone you meet will leave a footprint in your heart and teaches you some values in life.

Oh well, this is just the beginning of it. Wonder how it would be for the final goodbye in April :(


gya said...

Might be a sad final goodbye in april but happy beginnig in may with a good housemate in return :p
kalau jadi duk sama ade can kita mkn masakan awk yg best2! :)

Cikitita said...

alorrr so sweett gya...jgn cirit birit dah haha