Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sadiq's Story

A heartbreaking story of an Afghan immigrant in the UK. I solute this young man for his bravery and strength, as well as thousands of other immigrants who risk their lives in providing a better life for their beloved family back home.

p/s: would love to give a BIG smack to the lady at Sainsbury's. Funny how people can easily pass judgment without knowing a single thing about another person, and even feel good about it afterwards!

p/p/s: Kite pening pk bile nk cukup duit nk tukar kete baru, nk beli umah, beli handbag baru, kasut baru, nk travel, yet these people risk their lives only to have enough food on the table. Sedihnye!!! Sy mmg manusia yg tak reti bersyukur :(

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Cikitita said...

alamak sori aku terdelete comment mase nk moderate so clumsy! anyway...

what a coincidence. just came back from the bookstore carik bkn the splendid sun tp the kite runner by the same author. belek punye belek rasa mcm ohh i am so not ready for such a heavy read mase tgh2 final thesis nie. KIV lps viva or bile blk msia.

adekah dikau yg memberi 2nd comment?? ye mmg rasa cam nk sepak terajang jek kn pompan tuh uh uhhh