Thursday, March 3, 2011

The day Chloe came into our lives

We adopted Chloe when she was 14 weeks old. Chloe comes from a family of 7. Her mom, Brandy and dad, Snap are pure breed blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Both mom and dad are spoilt rotten - they sleep in the bedroom, stays up on the sofa and has access to all areas of the house. I had the shock of my life when I arrived at Shannon's place - she has a door that separates her living room and the front door, and that door was shaking like crazy. I was imagining a toddler banging on the door wanting to go out and see who has arrived but to my surprise, it was Brandy and Snap! Ha ha. As soon as I entered the living room, I saw a tiny baby walking away from the room, her bum moving left and right and my heart skipped a bit.

We sat on the sofa while Shannon went and grabbed Chloe from the room. What can I say, the moment I laid my eyes on her, it was love at first sight. I remember my heart melting when Shannon placed Chloe in my arms, she was just so beautiful and tiny and oh so sweet. While holding Chloe, I saw another baby walking past me - it was her little brother! Shannon said Chloe's brother is unwell, he was the last one that came out and was born with a big head and she was going to 'get rid of him'. My heart sank at her words, and I just wish we have the means to adopt both. He was so beautiful but I know that we would not be able to do justice being new parents ourselves. I hope you are doing well little baby, and I hope you found someone who loves you as much as we love your sister :(

Chloe was born to 5 litter mates. One was adopted by a family from Auckland, while two were bought by a pet shop. To our surprise, we bumped into Chloe's brother in a pet shop in Takapuna a month after we brought Chloe home. We were so sure he was Chloe's brother as he has the same birth date and that tiny pink marking on his nose, just like little Chloe. My heart sank looking at him - there he was, 20 weeks old, sitting in a glass crate for the world to see, waiting for a kind soul to take him home and to love him. I asked the sales girl if he came with another litter mate, just to be sure. She said he did, but the sister has been bought by someone. He's got urine stain all over his feet, and he looked so sad it broke my heart. A puppy his age should not be locked up. Instead, he should be walking and running on parks and beaches and snuggling with someone who loves him. I left the shop, wondering how Chloe would react if she were to see him. Would she have recognized that it was her brother?

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