Thursday, March 3, 2011

The day Chloe came home

Chloe came home on January 11, 2011. Shannon gave us her bed, her toy bone and a box of her food for us to take home to ensure that she has something with her smell on it. She was a good baby. Although she refused to stay in her bed, she sat and slept next to me during the ride home. She did not poop nor pee, and was in her best behavior. I did not think she was scared back then, but now that I think about it, I think she did coz she was so quite all the way, which is so unlike her.

Once we arrived, I carried her inside and placed her bed next to our back door so she'll have easy access to the yard. I took out some of her food from the box and placed it in a bowl. Hubby and I were laughing when I took out another small bowl to fill with water - we had to ensure that the bowl was only big enough to fit her face and not her ears. King Charles has quite long ears - with a bigger bowl, she'll be wetting her ears before she even has a sip of her drink and we didn't want that!

The first thing that we wanted to do was to potty train her. We took a piece of newspaper and placed it outside. We encouraged her to go on the newspaper (tough work I tell ya!) and praised her every time she did. But being a 14 weeks old puppy, accidents do happen. In general, puppies are only able to control its bladder when they are at least 20 weeks old. Since Chloe is just a baby, when she has to go, she has to go. After 2 accidents in the house, we decided to puppy proof the house - we took out all the carpets and tried many means such as mopping the floor with vinegar, spraying dog repellent spray on the tile etc. Finally, after approximately a month of staying, Chloe is potty trained! Yeay!

From day 1 itself, we tried to set our rules right. Chloe was not allowed to go upstairs, and has to go to bed at 8.30 p.m. every night. It broke my heart to left her all alone downstairs, after all, she's just a baby. Hubby says I shouldn't feel that way as we need to train her to be independent. The first night at home, Chloe whimpered like a baby coz she was afraid to be alone. The next day, we figured that we should get her some toys as a mean of distraction. We came back from the pet shop with Buddy and Blue and placed them in her bed. We saw her walking to her bed, went inside, laid next to her Buddy and hugged him. It was like nothing I've ever seen before. That night, she slept better, hugging her precious friend.

Chloe hugged Buddy as she laid next to him. Maybe it reminded her of her litter mates :(

See how tiny she is?

Chloe taking an afternoon nap with Blue on our backyard

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