Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hari merapu sedunia

Hari ni nak merapu macam-macam sebab bosan takde arah hidup.

So anyway I am writing this while making lunch. It's gonna be mushroom with salmon spiral pasta (coz I'm out of the normal pasta). The recipe? Senang aje.

Dice half an onion
Slice 8 fresh mushrooms
Slice some salmon (patut guna tuna tapi takde)
Fresh milk + Margarine (coz I don't have cream and coz butter has got more fat than margerine)

Sautee the onion till yellow. Masukkan sliced mushrooms and again, sautee till the color darkens. Then, masukkan sliced salmon. Lps tu masukkan susu (arghhhh fresh milk dah habis terpaksa substitute dgn susu soya. Apsal seme bende takdek dlm fridge ni???). Masukkan a tablespoon of margerine.

Finally, season with salt and pepper.

I have no idea how this is going to turn out coz I'm just kinda using whatever that is available in the fridge (Soy milk??????)

Eh eh lupa letak chicken stock. OK girls, a dash of chicken stock ok?!

Lps ni sy akan bgtau verdict sedap ke tak. ngeh ngeh. Gosh harunya tukang masak.


On another note, mari kita listkan resolutions pada tahun ini...

Malas lah.

Simply coz I never stick to it and it goes out the window on the very first day itself.

Mari kita tengok pencapaian resolutions tahun lps:

1. Learn spanish - nada

2. Learn how to read notes and play keyboard - I can read notes and play simple child songs. I'm too lazy when it comes to practicing, and sticking to one thing for a long time.

3. Start a Permanent head Damage - I prepared a 4 page proposal and managed to get 2 kind soul to supervise my work. I was struggling to get referees as they specifically wanted academic referees, plus I was kinda lazy too haha. Last2 mintak tlg 2 org sahabat yg baik hati, so hopefully by end of this month dapat green light. It took me 6 whole months nak carik referees, pemalas ke tak?

4. A good scholarship - tak start pon lagi. The last doctoral scholarship for the school ended last december. Eh apsal pemalas sgt nie???

5. A part time job - I only wanted something simple which doesn't use much of my brain contohnya waitress ke, salesgirl ke. Sbb konon nak buat #4 above kan? Last2 dpt jadik tutor ajar bdk diploma sbb takde orang nak amik muka nie jadik salesgirl haha. Enjoying the teaching part tremendously but hating my work mates. Gaji per hour pon best. Alhamdulillah.

6. Brush up on swimming and play more sports - I can swim a good distance nowadays and have confidence keeping afloat while standing, which I was struggling to do for many, many years. Lepas ni nak practice free style plak sampai terer! I am also training for tennis (thank you mr husband for being patient with me).

7. Lose 6 kg for good - Hari tu dah kurusssss dahhhhh. 47 kg you. Pastu sbb dah kurus makan mentakedarah lupa diri pastu gemok balik. Hello 50 kg.

8. Cut down on sugar, carb and fat. Eat more greens and 5 servings of fruits per day - As I've said, hari tu dah kurus, tapi sekarang gemok blk. Need I say more? But then again, I do take more fruits and greens nowadays thanks to my husband yang suka paksa saya makan.

9. Drink lotsa water - this one is the hardest to do sbb tak pernah rasa dahaga. How ah?

10. Read, listen and watch more - I definitely watch more documentaries and good movies nowadays as we subscribed to Fatso, so I can get any kind of movie, as much as I want, unlimited. I'm still struggling to keep the reading momentum on. I am more selective on what I read nowadays, the only problem is I never actually finish them. I really want to re-live the enjoyment of reading a good book like how I used to when I was in school. I can read all night long with a torch in my hand sebab takut mak nampak tak tido2 sbb esok nak sekolah haha. And I can read something that I like over and over again. I think I've read The Client by John Grisham 6 kali kot. I want to re-live the passion for reading again coz it's good to enjoy something and to be smart!


Saya baru dpt tahu yg Stephen Fry adalah seorang gay. Not that I have anything against gays.

p/s: By the way, Elton John dah dapat baby. Surrogate rasanya. I think it's sick and irresponsible. It's still ok for 2 consulting men to get married but to adopt a child? Come on, have some mercy on the kid! Tak ke budak tu confuse nanti pasal family institution?


I've just booked Milly's Kitchen baking class. Ye, saya dah bertukar menjadi seorang yang rajin memasak selepas kahwin kah kah. Funny aye how your status changes you. Ops Sex and the City cakap tak elok cakap psl status or label - single/married/divorcee coz in the end, you are what you are. I totally second that.

I am also planning to enroll in Wilton Basic Cake Decoration. It's super cheap, going for NZD 130 for 4 x 2 hours session. Kat Malaysia RM 780 hokeh! Jadi bila blk Malaysia saya nak jadik cake decorator dan baker and jugak instructor. Boleh?


I am still struggling with my career. Bukan struggle carik kerja, tapi struggle nak kerja apa. Haha. To be honest I stoppped looking for a job ever since I started teaching. I better start looking seriously now that new year has come.


Ok la people. That's too much rambling already for today. Till next time. Love ya!


An Aspiring Writer said...


the entry is by far the most satisfying rambling i have ever read from you- covers all the necessary details of one's life.

i'd better consider writing on the same thing to clear my head off..

p/s: this format's kinda nice. how bout using it for forthcoming stories?

Cikitita said...

Haiyyak lya. I think the way I write is pretty much dependent on the mood, so it's hard to stick to a particular style.

But I'll ramble more if that's how you like it haha