Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ngeng...ngeng...ngeng macam nyamuk

I teach part-time so I go crazy the rest of the hours when I am not. Salwa keeps me insane during those hours, thank god for that. I talk to her in kitty voice coz she's a cat but my husband says I shouldn't coz it drives him crazy. For god's sake, she is the only amusement that I have when I am at home, alone. Sometimes I pretend as if I am her mommy and she is my little baby girl.

Gosh those free hours really do make me go insane.

Teaching is tiring. A session of lecture or lab really worked me up. I'd usually slump myself on the sofa when I get back home, try hard not to sleep but would end up snoozing for at least an hour. I have no complaint for that. It's OK, because teaching is never boring, it's always engaging.

So at least that confirms the fact that I am not lazy. I used to think that I was a lazy bum coz I used to drag myself to work everyday. But that was different - that was working behind a desk 8 hours a day pretending to be busy, or sitting in a meeting pretending as if I cared. There's no such thing here, accept for pretending to be smart when you are bombarded with questions that you are clueless about.

Hubby is encouraging me to get an IT job coz it's more promising. My heart sinks at the thought of it and I just wish I'd never have to go back to office work. But I do know that sitting around playing with my cat will not do me any good. If only I can get a full time teaching schedule, that would be awesome.

On another note, my cat has some sort of a yo-yo diet going on. One day she's fat, another day she's slim like a model. She loves sitting on top of me as if she's light like feather. I have never actually weigh her, bet she's at least 2.5 kilos. I sleep on the left side of the bed, and so does she. She sleeps right next to me every single night, always aiming for my left arm *cough* pit *cough*. Whenever I sleep on my tummy, she gets confuse coz it means my left hand is in the middle of the bed and she doesn't like that.

Silly cat.

I think she's bright for a cat. If only there's an IQ tests going on among cats I think she'd easily ace it. Oh, and she can act too. For example, she likes to greet me whenever I get home. I can usually hear her running from the room towards the door, but the moment I open the door she'd sit still or stretch herself, pretending as if she doesn't care. I wonder who taught her that, or why she is acting that way.

I have lots to tell about Salwa, but I won't bore you non-cat lovers about my silly cat's tales.

Signing off for now, with love.


Brownie said...

o ade perangai gop salwa tu ek. mende lagi hok pelik2 awk?

Cikitita said...

salwa mmg ade 1001 perangai. mengalahkan org. sebbaik adorable ngeeeee ;)

An Aspiring Writer said...

owh do kiss ( Salwa for me) and tell! i write tonnes of stuff about Yuki and Cinta. cats are amusing, like humans too!

...LadyInPink... said...

Ila, dah terbayang-bayang dah kita cemana awak buat suara kucing.. Comel!!!

Cikitita said...

lya: hari2 pon siung sokmo ;)

ennie: ngeh ngeh. eh mr e tu sapa? jeng jeng