Thursday, September 30, 2010

This is a hate post

I hate one person at my work. And because of him, I am starting to hate his whole race.

I know it's a strong statement, but I've had enough of them. I don't remember them having so much hatred in their heart while we were in school. There were a number of them in my class, and we never had any problem getting along. Probably because we grew up in a small town, probably because we were still naive.

Things started to look bad when I was in the UK. I remember helping out 2 fellow classmates in the first semester. I have nothing against them, in fact I was more than happy to help my fellow countryman even though we were off different race. However, when it was my turn to seek for their help, I received so many excuses from both of them and at that time, I understood. People from their race will only use people from my race for their benefit, but will never help you in return. It's like a rooted kind of hatred that was built the very day they were born. Hate the Malays, do whatever it takes to make their lives miserable, even if they do you no harm. They stole our rights, they took what was ours, so let's team up and go against them though we live side by side. Make them believe you, put on you best smiley face, and then stab them when they are not looking.

Who stole who, may I ask?

I used to be a believer in the people's coalition. I used to have high respect for one of their leaders. I thought he was smart, articulate and fair. I saw it all crumbling down after 2008 GE. He was not smart nor articulate, he was cunning. He was everything but fair. He did not want justice for everyone, he wanted justice for his own race. Everything was about his race.

I have never been so proud to be a Malay. Malays may not be the strongest nor the bravest, but we are the most compassionate. Of course we have our downsides too (who doesn't?), but it is trivial. We are good hearted naturally, we were brought up to see the good in people and to forgive / forget people's wrongdoings. We are all human, and human makes mistake. Sometimes we do compete, but unlike them, it's never poisonous.

Glad to get it out of my system.

Told ya it was a hate post.


saya_team_bukit_depu said...

betul tu awok. saya sokong.

Cikitita said...

wohs geng bukit depu dok starang.

terima kasih atas sokongan anda :p

inahornaw said...

kakak sy slalu bg warning pasal depa ni..sbb dia pernah kena masa kat uum dulu..bangsa depa tu mmg suka amik kesempatan!glad that in my school 100% are malays!(do i sound racist?)

Cikitita said...

Given the chance I too, would rather teach my own 'anak bangsa'. I think most people would feel that way so no, I don't think you sounded racist. You're lucky to be teaching not only malays, but ganu-rians!

An Aspiring Writer said...

its a nice hate post hahahaha

Cikitita said...

ceh! haha