Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sometimes when I cook, I weep

That was by far the stupidest script I've ever heard for a cheese commercial on the idiot box. And to team it up with a gorgeous Italian man who speaks thick Italian accent (drool heheh) while cooking pasta in his spotless kitchen was actually bluwekkkk (and I thought Greek TV shows were the worst! ;p)

Went for some groceries last night at Pakn'Save after the better half finished his badminton session and whaddaya know, the flat peach has finally made it's way in town and got themselves on the counter and here it's known as Peaches Flatto. Go figure heheh. I've been trying to tell him about this peach ever since we got here. That got me reminded a lot about Madrid and the fun times that I had coz that was the exact place where I first saw this particular fruit. It looks ugly as compared to the normal peach but like what my mom always say, the hideous it looks, the better it tastes. I wonder if that applies to people too. In the sense that the more hideous they look, the better they are? I know some who look hideous and act like one too. Huh!

Did I ever told you people that I got a Salvatore Ferragamo purse as a wedding gift from his cousin? I mean, who the heck would ever give you a Ferragamo on your wedding day???? Or any day for that matter??? Another mind boggling gift was from his aunt - a gold bracelet. Like what the??? Who the heck would give you gold apart from your parents???? That still gives me chill on my spine whenever I think about it! I got some cool ones from my parents too - that hotel room and the flight tickets to Queenstown for our honeymoon. And it's cool that I got that givenchy perfume, lingeries and a diffuser to go with it muehehe. Thanks NI, NA, RM, SS and NNK!!

Nothing much has been going on. The work permit has been sent off yesterday at Queen's street, let's see how that one goes. The permanent head damage application has been lodged. We'll see how that one goes too. We went for movies in the park at Greenhithe the other day to watch Fame and it's funny coz we thought we had it over the top with our pillows and sheets and foodies but when we got there, we haven't got much as compared to others with their bean bags and nice chairs and sleeping bags and lots more! Another month to go and I'm loving it! The next would be Transformers 2 at I-can't-remember-where. Anyway, what I really wanted to point out is a quote from that movie which goes something like this...

"Happiness is waking up in the morning knowing that you're doing something you love and going to bed at night feeling that you've done your very best at it"

Cool aye?

When will I land a job that makes me happy? Will I ever figure it out?

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