Saturday, September 12, 2009

This one goes out to my precious

We only managed to shove half of it down our throat. Yep, that huge steamed siakap, chilly prawn and Chinese style fried veggie - all home cooked. Chef in action: RA, MJ and yours truly. Thank you very much.

Food indulgence is customary whenever MJ is back in town. The usual trio - MJ, MY and myself would wallop everything just like the piranhas. It boggles me sometimes how ecstatic we could get when it comes to food - yet the trash bin is our bestie, well, at least for me and MJ whenever we try to fix something up in the kitchen. Thank god things are looking more promising nowadays as compared to few years back. Te he he. We drove to MY's place later on to pick her up and made ourselves comfortable at Bangsar's Starbucks. Got myself an Americano, while MY treated herself in hot choc and MJ in passion tea to help with her sore throat.

Had a blast with my two girls, as usual. Sometimes it feels like these two are the few remaining sensible people left, at least in my world. Foxy on the outside (wink wink!), beautiful on the inside. I guess what brought us together is what we value in life. Many I've met are just plain empty. Many are after those that do not really matter. Some are vain, while some think they're better than the rest - when in truth they have nothing to offer. Some think being verbally honest is the way to go when all they do is hurt those that are dearest to them. Often I chose to ignore, but at times it gets to me and when that happens, I chose to be silent. I mean, why bother?

But I can bet you not these two. They're deep, genuine, and most importantly they've got substance and that my friend, makes them classy. They seek for the same qualities on the XY gene and that's what makes it so difficult for not many posses similar attributes. I say be patient, for exceptional people are hard to come by - not in terms of look, style, rides nor bank accounts, but in terms of characteristics, values and beliefs.

I wish both of them the best of luck in their journeys ahead. May it be a road worth traveled and may both of them find peace and self realization through it all. Been there, done that. It ain't gonna be easy, but I'm sure it'll be worth it. To MY - break a leg and do us proud - we know you'll ace it smart girl! To MJ - stay calm, step on it with two steady feet and I'm sure you'll do just fine ;)

Love you both! XOXO ;)

From top to bottom; our steamed siakap - what's with the horrific face mr fish?; chilly prawn and fried veggie - mind the mismatched dinnerware.

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