Thursday, August 13, 2009

He Who Does Not Know

He asked me once, and I lied. I said nope, I do not write thus I do not own a blog. I didn't feel like I could trust him back then, so I simply lied.

He does not know about the existence of Cikitita.

We talked about many things. Everyday lives. And past relationships. He told me about his ex-girlfriend, his only girlfriend, and even that ended many, many years ago. I told him about me, about what I like and what I loathe, about people who are dearest to me.

I like him. In fact, I like him a whole lot. He is smart and witty, yet humble and unpretentious. He respects me. He does not get on my nerves.

He seems to know about a whole lotta stuff which makes me feel small, and stupid, at times.

He makes me laugh, he even makes me cry.

I guess it is true when they say love will come knocking when you least expect it.


Didie said...

I think one fine day, you should tell him about Cikitita existence as well as about "him".

Cikitita said...

one day ;)