Thursday, October 18, 2007

When will she be satisfied?

Miss Cikitita gets bored easily especially when it comes to working on her research project. The only reason she flew down here was to see the world and take a break from her rat race life in her home country, and that's just about it. Though deep down she knows that she should be grateful with what life is offering her right now she can't help but yawn every now and then. Sometimes it is hard to believe that slightly a year ago Miss Cikitita was dragging her feet to go to her workplace and how she yearned for Friday to come so she can go dancing under the moonlight (read: lying on her bed reading a good book or going out for teh tarik session with good friends) No, no she was never the partying type of girl, not even now, but she had had her fair share of fun being around good friends. Miss Cikitita doesn't talk much except to people whom she is close to, which is not many, where she can go on and on yet with some she would slide the zipper on her mouth shut automatically.

The reason Miss Cikitita writes this blog is to keep her busy and keep in touch with friends all over. (Actually she is just finding excuses for not doing her research project, which is very, very bad)


pink-perang-brown said...

hi miss cititita, dearie.. hehe. comey ngak panggil awok nge nama tu. doh orangnye pung comey gop :)

hm, i agree. writing a blog will keep us busy. will keep us from 'termenung'. it's an interesting hobby though. letting out things which is liggering in our heads, just to share with the ones closest to us. true, it can be a good therapy as well. means, takde la nak psycho-kan diri sorang2. hwa hwaa..

Miss Cikitita said...

Psiko kn diri sorg2? oh tidakkkkk!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cikitita, I honestly think you're a great writer, to me at least.
Keep on writing, will ya?
[ to the point where you feel like ;) ]

Cikitita said...

Why gracias anonymous...;)