Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ci Ci Ci....

A dear friend said once it is easy to determine whether Miss Cikitita is being productive or just simply 'dynamic' behind her laptop without even taking a peek at what she's doing.

When she’s productive (read: working on her research project) you will hear a continuous yakking which usually consists of…

“Die la wanna finish this one document!!”
“I hate this…I hate this!!!”

……every 20 minutes.

But when she’s ‘dynamic’, she'll be so quite and will look so darn serious as if she’s planning to save the world (save the cheerleader, save the world...errr...?)

p/s: Btw, Miss Cikitita’s definition of being dynamic consists of blog hopping, e-mailing, youtubing, torrent-ing, YM-ing /Skype-ing. Sometimes to make herself feel better, Miss Cikitita would perform the act of ‘knowledge gathering’ from Wikipedia i.e finding out the life history of al-gore (hoi life history menteri sendirik tak pnah lak nk amik tau!). But of course that usually doesn’t last for long…she would eventually cut to the chase and go straight to the gossip column i.e finding out whether Kevin from Brothers & Sisters is really gay.


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