Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Diet Log (Again)

Check out my latest diet graph...

Can you believe the amount of weight that I've put on since the day I left Europe? It's histerical! Dear God, how did I manage to get myself into this mess? For all the effort that I put myself into for the last 1 1/2 yrs, I throw it all away for the sake of roti canai, mee goreng mamak and teh tarik! Darn!

Well guess what? Now that I've realized how much 'love handle' and 'muffin top' that I have accumulated on my bulging tummy, I've decided to take matters at hand (again). Nope, I haven't ditched the roti canai, mee goreng mamak nor teh tarik, but I'm slowly learning to take it sparingly, plus a 30-min-5-days-a-week work out routine in the gym, squash court or pool. I've also started to regularly consume virgin coconut oil (VCO) to help boost my metabolism (famous tagline of VCO: "drink fat, loose weight" -- haha).

The result?

I've lost a kilo on the 2nd week, and another kilo on the 3rd week. Pretty amazing what a daily exercise routine does to your body isn't it?

I'll keep on going til I get to my ideal weight, which is 47kg. Wish me luck!


let me remain a mystery said...

halo fazilah, lya here!!!
well there, i am always inspired by those who think they can keep to jogging or swimming or walking that regularly!! whooshh.. hope i can be that determined too hmmm
keep up the good work, and do you really think the VCO really helps your weekly weight loss? if yes, where do i get it from?


Gya said...

"Dear God, how did I manage to get myself into this mess? For all the effort that I put myself into for the last 1 1/2 yrs,"
-i thought u lose weight kat europe due to malas masak :p no effort, just natural process of losing weight and no nasi to resist hehe...
Tp ila...ko enjoy kan mkn roti canai :) Teh tarik satu! jom nak petang ni :)

Cikitita said...

lyaaaaa!!!! lama giler dop jupe...kat mana???
i don't think its just the VCO but all in one kot. my dad bought it for me from a supplier in KT (direct selling). Mesti ade gop kt KL tho i'm not sure from which company. I'll check it out and tell u later k?

ko nk membelonkan desire aku makan roti canai ye....nanti ko yg sakit telinga dgr aku komplem gemok, gemok, gemok!!

let me remain a mystery said...


ambe kat shah alam lening.. kije sini..
pun dalam usaha menurunkan berat badaaaaaaaaaannn


pink-perang-brown said...

whoa.. behnye awoks.
mmg, 5-day-wotkout mmg membuahkan hasil. teruskan usaha ye awok.

kalu nk gi mandi wap bulih gop, aritu call awok dok bulih, actually nk ajok gi sauna kat umah saya. saya takdok geng aa. sorang2 kat bilik tu takmboh la saya. serunng..

awok.. mari la kita gi sauna kat umah saya. takdok geng aa. lya n gya pun jom la. eheheh..