Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Chic Lit for Everyone

DCM came back from the UK with a box of Krispy Creme and a chic-lit entitled P.S I Love You. I grinned from ear to ear. What could be better than lying on your bed with a good book and a dozen of donuts? ;D

Packed in a suitcase look-alike, straight from the vending machine in Gatwick. How cute!

Been searching for this book for ages around the city. Obviously you can find it rather easily in any major bookstores here, only that you have to read them in Spanish hehe. I guess the best part about being the 2nd most spoken language in the world is that all good resources are within your fingertip. Think of any good book in the market, I can pretty much assure you that they'll have one in their language. (Wonder whether our people would take up the opportunity if we have the same privilege. Reminded of how my brother used to joke about finding Malays in Kinokuniya - just go to the mag section, you'll find plenty of them muehehe)

Funny that I tried so many means of getting the book, only to end up with tons of unread chic lit piling up my desk. You see I am not a big fan of this type of genre, but I was dying to get my hand on this one due to the many good reviews I heard from friends. So after the huge disappointment with the local bookstores, I started hitting the online stores. eBay and Amazon do have plenty, only that it comes with a shipping fee that I was not too happy about (once a cheapskate, always a cheapskate hehe). While browsing I came across a collection of chic lit - 6 books for 10 quid inclusive of shipping... wallaaaaaa!! Being the ultimate skinflint, I purchased them straight away (Note: none of them has been read up till now. A lesson learnt - never buy something simply coz it’s cheap haha). Then there was also the trip to Oslo where I actually did found an original copy but decided not to buy it since everything was so expensive there. At the airport though, I suddenly felt a strong urge for some reading material to accompany the 3 ½ hr journey back to Madrid. Went looking for the book again, found none in sight, so I got myself a Marian Keyes instead.

People, people what can I say! Marian Keyes changed my perception of chic lit like you wouldn’t believe! It was both heartbreaking and comical – never had I shed so much tears and laughed so hard in a single book. To all those people who think chic lits are too shallow (errrr including myself), try this one and I guarantee you will change your mind!

As for P.S I Love You, I would say I was a little bit disappointed with Ahern's flair of writing after reading past a couple of pages. But I’ll do justice by sparing my full review till I am done with it.

Nevertheless, muchos gracias DCM for this lovely pressie. You're an absolute darl!

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