Friday, November 30, 2007

Spanish Whispers

Can you actually call it a whisper if you can hear word by word of what is being said by a person 15 feet away from you? Well probably not in our vocabulary, but it sure is for most of the students in my university.

I hate generalizing people based on their origin (as much as I hate it when people judge me because of my religion), but I can't help but feel there is a need to change something here. These students....they whisper too loud and jump the queue all the time. And these are university students, supposedly educated people who are working their a** off to get a scroll in ensuring a better life ahead.

Well too bad for me as these people do not share the same perspective as I do.

1) they think whispering is equivalent to uttering something in a "non-real voice" where you can't really hear the true tone or phonation or resonance or whatever you call it (gosh my English is getting worse yet my Spanish is not getting any better). Although you can make out every single word that is being uttered but yep, they still consider it as a so-called whisper

2) they also seem to think that joining a friend who is already in a queue is NOT equivalent to jumping a queue. i get it all the time while queuing in the cafeteria for food or simply when queuing up to use the microwave

Excuse myself people, for all the rambling. Truth is I am now sitting in the library, pissed off with all the "whispers" around me!!


meshi said...

hahahah...funny la ila...aku dok imagine ko membebel kiut miut mcm chipmunk..huhuhu
xpe..tu kira experience tu...:p
kat skolah dulu kan dah prektis potong2 q ni...egegeggege

pink-perang-brown said...

owohs.. alang2 set2 tu duk 'whisper' tu, awok 'whisper' eteks aa, baru puah ati. dok kene maroh okk. hehehe.. ;)

dakpe awok, biar orang buat ke kite, jgn kite buat ke orang. usaha tangga jaya. chaiyyok! bile la awok nok balik sining.. uhuh

Cikitita said...

bebudak tuh mmg nk kene mkn pelempang aku! hahahaaa